A Look at Popular Strategy-Based Games

While the concepts behind some games are relatively simple, there are other platforms which will require a fair amount of strategy to complete. These represent excellent opportunities to develop new skills as well as to appreciate the “bigger picture” in terms of winning and losing. What are three popular categories that you can choose from?


Chess has existed for centuries in one form or another. It is thought to have originated in ancient India and it has been actively enjoyed for more than 1,500 years. Chess is heavily reliant upon strategy and many military branches actually use these intricacies to teach soldiers basic battlefield tactics.

Online Role-Playing Platforms

Online role-playing games are extremely popular due to their versatility as well as the numerous categories to select. Some platforms will require users to team up with other players in order to defeat a common enemy. Others such as ManagerZone are instead involved with supervising sports teams. The outcomes of every match is based directly around the actions of the player, so no two scenarios are ever alike. These games can be played from the comfort of your own home and in many instances, mobile versions are available.

Board Games

The classic appeal of board games has not dulled in this digital age. Games such as Monopoly and Risk are still enjoyed by millions of players from around the world. Unlike online versions, traditional board games offer a hands-on appeal and they are great ways to bond with friends or family members. Although learning the basic concepts behind such platforms is generally simple, mastering the associated strategies can take years of practice.

Strategy-based games offer a great deal of fun and excitement. When taught at an early age, many of the principles will carry over into later life. There are nearly countless options to choose from, so you will always find what you are looking for.