An Evening of Board Games Anyone?

It doesn’t have to be Christmas for family or a group of friends to get together and make a night of it with a board game. You know, like those movies where the men get together for a poker night.

Apart from friends or family and a variety of board games at the ready, what else do you need to organize the evening?

Things to Think About

If you’re going to make a night of it, comfort is important so, make sure the table is large enough and the chairs are comfy. Perhaps you want to create a spread on the carpet? A waterproof cover over the carpet, and cushions or bean bags are a must.

Play with the lighting. If you have adjustable lighting, you can create the mood and the atmosphere, especially if you’re playing horror, spooky, gangster or western or mind game themed games.

Will You Have A Smokeless Evening?

Cigarette smoke can add to the atmosphere, but you’re not making a movie, right? Most of us nowadays are not smokers, and justifiably hate secondary smoke. Again, if you have smokers in the group, you might like to provide them with some alternatives. Need ideas? Do a little research and you’ll find electric cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snus.

Food and Drinks

No need for food you may think. This is an after-dinner stint so the group would have eaten, and be pretty full up especially if it’s over Christmas. Wrong! They were expecting a buffet for those time-out moments and chewing something over during the game before making their move or decision. So, finger food, snacks, and don’t forget the vegetarians.

Drinks, well if you were playing professionally and gambling it’s not advisable but this is a fun evening! You know what your friend’s like so stock up the bar accordingly. Remember those that need to drive home!