Classic Board Games

Board games have kept us enticed and entertained for decades. Whether we are spending an evening with the family or are looking for a bit of fun during a camping trip, these games are very much here to stay. While some will come and go, there are a handful of true classics that have withstood the test of time. Let’s examine a few favourites.


scrabbleMonopoly is arguably the most popular board game in the world. This is likely due to the fact that it embraces nearly every aspect of modern society. Money, power, properties and head-to head competition all define this ingenious game.


Why not try your hand at the English language (amongst others)? Scrabble is great for anyone who has a keen eye for the written word while it provides an excellent means to learn vocabulary. This is also a very hands-on game; providing a further sense of excitement.

Trivial Pursuit

We all love board games that test our knowledge of facts. Trivial Pursuit is ideally suited for this desire. Not only will we learn something along the way, but the ability to enjoy head-to-head competitions cannot be overlooked.

These are three of the most popular classic board games. Ideal for children and adults, there is no reason not to enjoy what they have to offer.