Even Betting Requires a Plan

Just like the widely held belief that there is a mathematical formula for every action, most online casino games have to be won using a strategy. No one seems to win all the time, resulting in the popular belief that gambling is based on utter luck. Before you take your next spin, bear in mind that the number of coins you place on a bet coupled with the pay lines you choose to play are all factors that contribute to how much you are going to win.

The following are some games where luck alone will not help you get by:


Slots are probably the most commonly played casino game, even today. Developers have successfully created online versions of the traditional slot machines we all know and love; when you used to go to a casino and try all the different options; New online slots have very attractive themes and graphics. A game of slots is as simple as placing a bet then spinning the wheel and when done online, it is even easier because the mouse does all the hard work. Play the 3 or 5 payline slots and bet low for optimum wins.


Every gambler is familiar with the deck of cards but playing blackjack means that you need to make use of some special skills. How hard is it to get a hand that adds up to 21 or close? The dealer may look like they are dishing out random cards but that does not limit your game. Take note of the addition each card brings and the number of cards in your hand at any given time to win big. It’s a good idea to shop around the various online casinos to find the best place to play.


Roulette is a game you can never miss in any type of casino, and there are plenty of options. Referred to as one of the pioneer games for gamblers, it has been known to attract bet sizes of bizarre amounts. Spinning the wheel can be done either slowly, average speed or fast but it is the suspense of where the ball will land that makes the game so captivating. The best strategy is in the betting – then studying the history of where the ball landed previously.