Table Game Classics

There are a number of casino games that are considered to be the classics in the industry. Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, just to name a few. These are some of the oldest played casino games and come with many different variations, as they have changed and improved over the years. Below we will focus on and outline some key points about two of the more favoured table games, Roulette and Blackjack.

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games and might just be more common to play online nowadays. A relatively simple game, it is a game that pits the player against the dealer. Even if there are multiple players at the table, they are not competing against each other. Blackjack is a two card game, in which players are dealt a hand on which they can choose to stick, fold or hit depending on the values they hold. Ace is both high and low in this game, with face cards all being valued at ten and the numbered cards simply being the value they show on their face. The aim of the game is to reach but not exceed the value of 21. Getting there in advance of the dealer results in a win, but achieving a number higher than 21 results in a bust.

Roulette is also a simple, but popular game, with that high thrill factor. It is a large wheel with red and black alternating pockets around the edge. Each pocket has a different number within it. The dealer will drop a ball onto the wheel and spin it. The aim of the game is to predict which pocket the ball will land in, and bet accordingly. As with many casino games, there are a lot of strategies involved in what, on the surface, looks to be a relatively simple game.

Both of these games are simple, but it takes time for players to acquire the finesse and strategic understanding needed to increase winning potential.