The Best Card Games in the World

Even in this technological age, when the majority of people have tablets and smartphones to occupy themselves, you can’t beat an old fashioned card game. Here is a subjective list of the five best card games in the world, whether it’s for family fun on a rainy holiday in Cornwall or for honing your skills before hitting the casinos:

1. Poker

go fishPerhaps the most famous of all card games, poker never fails to thrill, particularly when it’s strip poker!

2. Go Fish

Go Fish is an easy card game and is fun for all ages. Happy Families has almost the same rules.

3. Patience

When you are on your own, you need never be bored as long as you have a pack of cards. There are many variations of patience, with differing probability levels. Clock Patience and Spider Solitaire are perhaps the most fun.

4. Vingt-et-Un

Also known as pontoon or 21, the object of this game is to receive cards that are worth more than the bankers but less than twenty one. There are many variants of this games, such as blackjack.

5. Black Maria

This is the British name of the game, Hearts. The aim is to dispose of your cards without ending up with the Queen of Spades or any hearts. Good for practising your bluffing skills.