What Strategies to Play in Online Betting

Betting, as we all know, is gambling, and it can go either way. However, there are strategies you can follow which can increase the possibility of you being on the winning side of the bet, or at least in the long term. Let’s take a look at some different strategies you can try when taking part in betting online.

One strategy is the Kelly Criterion strategy. This involves using equations to work out how much you should place on a particular bet, hence potentially maximising your returns. It allows you to determine the optimum amount for your bet based on the probability of your bet winning or not, and the amount of your bankroll. Many people swear by it!

Another strategy is to not to stick to one bookmaker. If there is a bet you really like the look of, don’t go and place it at the first bookmaker you visit. There are numerous odds comparison sites out there, and the discrepancy between odds can sometimes be very big indeed, especially on horse racing. Eventually, as the traders at the bookmakers realise, the odds gap will normally close, but it can be worth using an odds comparison site to take advantage of these discrepancies before the bookmaker realises.

Analysing statistics can also be a useful strategy. Many people love to place a football accumulator on a Saturday, but your chances of bagging a winner can be increased by analysing the teams’ past games – how many they have scored, how many bookings they have received, even how many corners they have taken. All these statistics can be used to give you an indication, and it’s worth noting that not just sticking to match results can be profitable as well. There are so many things you can bet on now, and so many things you can analyse to give you a better chance of winning. Happy betting!