Why Should You Play Poker?

Poker, aside from being the world´s most famous card game, is also a game about people. It allows the player to exercise strategic thinking where victory can taste all the sweeter when the player has out-maneuverered his opponent strategically. It also allows the player to exercise their judgement of someone, to see and understand what someone is thinking and read their actions. This in turn allows the player to make educated decisions.

Poker is therefore a diagnostic game, a game that requires you to size up the other players, calculate the the right betting amounts, and look for weaknesses in the other players game play that you can use to your advantage during the game.

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Another fun thing about playing poker is that you can either play with friends or you can play it online. In online poker especially, there is the opportunity to win some nice cash prizes.
The two most popular formats of poker are cash poker and tournament poker. Both formats allow you the glory of winning cash, however tournament poker is something every poker player should experience once in their lifetime as it will give you an adrenaline rush. Not only that, but nothing is more empowering than winning a tournament where you outwitted the competition.

Playing in a tournament requires the player to play long sessions which take him or her to their limits and show what they are capable of. Occasionally putting oneself under pressure can teach us a lot about how one copes under pressure.